The loyalty program: indispensable or not?

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Many online casinos and bitcoin casinos have a loyalty program or VIP, full of exclusive promotions. If you belong to the group of these players who have discovered something most profitable (thanks to large deposits and firm fidelity), you usually know what awaits you! That is, special bonuses, much more attractive than those offered to ordinary mortals … Because, it is a valuable reward. These promotions dedicated to the Very Important Players include: higher bonus rates, betting / withdrawal conditions, invitations to events reserved for VID, gift … In short, obtaining this status can be very interesting. However, not all online casinos give equal importance to their chosen customers … So stay tuned!

Bonus seekers or abusers: beware of the reaction!

Bonus seekers or bonus abusers are players who abuse promotions. Casinos consider them too greedy and repress them quickly, because they quickly hit them. Who are these players? Players who create multiple accounts to enjoy multiple times of the welcome bonus Players who receive bonuses and make minimum bets for days to get playthrough, and then raise bets to get a more enjoyable withdrawal Players who receive bonuses and want always more advantages (they even come to harass the support) without making a deposit (or make only a minimum deposit).

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The problem is that online casinos consider these types of players as personae non gratae for their gaming platform. Once a bonus abuser is discovered, the procedure begins: first, a first warning, then deprivation of the bonus ( to encourage him to change his behavior in the face of promotions), and, finally, account closure, if the player insists that he does not hear the reason. Closing the account may be accompanied by void winnings … if they exist, of course. Briefly, is it worth it? Because sooner or later bonuses will always be discovered.

Do not miss new promotions and exclusive offers from bitcoin casinosĀ 

News about the latest promotions, exclusive welcome bonuses, short competitions … in Casino Portugal, be regularly informed of the new promotional offers! The team also gets special promotions from some establishments for new players. The program? A more attractive deposit bonus (150% instead of 100%), a more attractive amount of bonus money or free spins. To enjoy it, just sign up for the link in all our ratings (available in our online casino rankings). So, give priority to the best e-casinos (to make sure you make a mistake, go to “certified casinos”) and do not hesitate to take advantage of one of our exclusive promotions to extend your gaming session. But above all, do not forget: pay attention to the conditions of use and avoid unpleasant surprises when you raise the winnings.

Conclusion: against the promotions, player warned is worth two!

Let’s not be fooled: it’s not out of philanthropy that bitcoin casinos make promotions regularly. Tight offers are difficult to refuse … and players hesitate before accepting them. In fact, how do you refuse a bonus that will allow you to double the amount of your deposit? But beware: there are no free lunches. And usually the most attractive promotions are the most addictive … because they hide the game well (especially abusive betting and / or withdrawal conditions). So yes the bonuses, which allow you to prolong (sometimes considerably) the pleasure of playing at the online casino you chose … but with all the knowledge of the cause. The story of choosing the promotion (and its conditions) that best suit you at the right time.


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