After the boom in virtual currencies in 2017, you probably ended up hearing about Bitcoin. A pioneer in the segment, Bitcoin is currently the most famous crypto-currency in the world. Previously used by technology enthusiasts, currency growth has attracted the attention of investors around the world. But what, after all, is Bitcoin?

Like the Dollar or Euro

, Bitcoin is a coin. Its main difference, however, is that its issuance is not made by any Central Bank. In fact, Bitcoin does not exist in the material world, so you can not see Bitcoin notes circulating around. Created in 2008, virtual currency is generated by computer systems in a decentralized and encrypted way, which ensures data security.

The process of creating a Bitcoin is called “mining.” In 2009, anyone who had the software could “mine”, but from the currency growth, the number of Bitcoin miners has been reduced, with the task of creating Bitcoins restricted only to those who have computers with robust hardware. The system is designed to produce only 21 million units worldwide.

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Play craps online with bitcoin

The craps game is one of the oldest and most popular casino games out there. However, craps has not always been the game we know today as it has evolved a lot over the centuries. Its origins go back to the 12th century where a similar game known as Hazard was played. Some historians believe that the game of craps was invented by an Englishman, Sir William Tire and his crusade companions as a form of entertainment while surrounding the castle Hazarth. The fact is that the Hazard game eventually gained popularity in England among the wealthy nobles who adopted it as their favorite pastime. Over the years, this game became more and more known and its main rules were undergoing changes, and the name craps was given by the French.

Currently, craps are played at most land and virtual casinos. Although it seems a bit confusing at first, since there are lots of betting possibilities, its learning is quite simple and after a few matches you will realize the reason why the craps arouses so much interest from the players.

Summary of craps rules

The craps is played with the help of two 6-sided dice that are thrown on a special table where four dealers (or a software in case you are playing online) are played. The goal is to get a pre-defined score based on the type of bet made. While it is possible to win or lose a match with a single release, it may sometimes be necessary to post several dice before you know the outcome of the match.

If you closely watch a craps table, you will quickly realize that this game offers a wide variety of bets. But do not panic, as there is a basic “Pass Line” bet, which is to be preferred when you decide to take the first steps. We invited him to discover this bet, like his antonym, “Do not Pass Line”:

. Pass Line: First of all, it should be known that this bet can only be made when the first roll of the dice dictates the start of the match. The bet is won if the sum of the points totals 7 or 11, and lost if you add 2, 3 or 12. However, if the number that exits is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, you must throw again and the same number (called “point number”) before a 7 out to win. If a 7 comes out before the same number comes out again, the player loses the bet.

. Do not Pass Line: This bet is basically opposite to the previous one. That is, the player wins the bet if the number that comes out is a 2 or a 3, and lose if a 7 or a 11 comes out. In case a 12 comes out, we have a draw. Any other number that comes out is a “point number”, and the players have to throw out a 7, before leaving the “point number” again, in order to win.

Although the advantage of the house for the “pass line” bet is slightly higher than the “do not pass Line” bet (1.41% versus 1.36%), the pass line is arguably the favorite bet of the players, such as as you may see when playing craps at a land casino near you. However, if you decide to ride alone and opt for the mathematically more advantageous bet, you risk feeling lonely and helpless. So forget the odds for a few moments and have fun together with the other players united for the same cause!

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It’s time to put your knowledge into practice and nothing better than to start playing. As such, we invite you to try out the free games available on this page and discover the delirious universe of online craps. When you make your first roll of the dice, remember to opt for “pass line” and “do not pass line” bets. As you progress, gradually explore the other bets that this game offers. You will find more detailed explanations about the bets as well as other information of interest in the articles that are part of our guide dedicated to craps. The dice are on, it’s your turn to play!