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The promotions: to use sparingly or without restrictions?

This is a vast rubric! This is because, in the online casinos sector, bonuses and promotions are often embroiled in controversy … «Should we not accept them? ‘: This is the recurring question that players usually ask when they find a new establishment that might interest them. Because there are as many promotional offers as there are  bitcoin casinos, and all seek to retain customers by offering exclusive bonuses.

There are, of course, some inescapable bonuses, such as welcome, deposit or cashback promotions … However, some online casinos improve the offer by developing a very attractive (sometimes too …) promotional program that is likely to considerably prolong the game session, without the need to disburse their own money, beyond the time originally planned. It is best to know the modalities practiced, to avoid unpleasant surprises that may happen later (such as account revocation or a gain restriction). Therefore, this heading, aimed at beginning and advanced players, aims at a closer look at the promotions offered by the gambling sites.

Profitable promotions are available at online casinos which accept bitcoins

Above all, please note that promotions and bonuses are not required. Your activation can be done by the player himself, through his account, by the casino, on request, or automatically (in this case, you need to contact the support if you want to cancel it). There are two large families of coexisting promotions: those that require a deposit (so that they can be used) and those that do not require deposit or are free of charge.

The welcome bonus is the first promotion that attracts (or drives away) the player. It usually takes the form of a 100% bonus on the first deposit (if you deposit 0,001 BTC, you will receive a further 0,001 BTC bonus … or a total of 0,002 BTC to play). Some more generous btc casinos can add this welcome bonus to several free spins or offer a welcome pack (not only on the first deposit, but on the first deposits, sometimes up to the 5th).

The deposit bonus: This promotion (usual or occasional) is common in bitcoin casinos, which can offer it several times a week. More specifically, it takes the form of a bonus whose% varies between 10% and 100% of the deposit, according to the institution’s generosity.

The promotion of cashback: this is a bonus on the player’s losses. Put another way: you only get it if you do not win. Specifically, it is calculated
The anniversary bonus: a little extra “bonus” from bitcoin casino to the player for his birthday. Usually you have to complain, although some establishments grant it without request … While others do not even know it. To obtain it, be sure to indicate your date of birth in the application form.

The free spins: can be offered when the promotional launch of a new slot machine, when registering a new player or after a weekly promotion on the deposit (type:  0,0001 BTC deposit = 20 free spins, 0,0005 BTC deposit = 50 free spins on the game of the week …).

The credits (or tokens) for free: usually serve to gratify the loyalty of the player. However, some casinos also offer new registered players so that they can discover the site before making the first deposit.

The bonus by reference: this is usually bonus money offered by the online casino to a regular customer, when he / she can register new players (almost always, with deposit obligation, to avoid abuses … that is, convenience records ).

Deposit promotion: reserved for a particular payment method, usually allows you to get 10 to 20% extra in a deposit.
And in all this, what are the conditions of use for the bonuses?

Anyone who talks about promotions also talks about betting and / or withdrawal conditions. Always available (sometimes sometimes) in the casino’s internal rules, they are often subject to strong reactions in our SOS Casino forum. Especially because of clauses that are sometimes unclear or abusive. Of course, each bonus has its own terms and conditions, so it is best not to generalize and take a few minutes to read before accepting them. Or you risk losing your winnings (the casino will not hesitate and will simply undo the account). The conditions of the most usual bonuses are as follows:

The requirement of betting or playthrough: these are the necessary bets to be able to make a survey. We can be talking about 30x the amount of the bonus or 30x the amount of the bonus + deposit.

The% of the betting contribution: the games do not all contribute in the same way for the calculation of this playthrough. Generally, only slots machines account for 100% (attention, some titles may not be included), the other games contribute in a smaller scale (some, not even contribute).

Restrictions on withdrawals: In some cases (almost always, when it comes to bonuses that do not require deposit), the amount of possible winnings is limited (for example, € 100 or 10 times the bonus amount). Of course, the remaining value is lost and the balance returns to 0.

The% of the authorized bet: some groups of casinos impose a maximum bet% not to exceed. Otherwise, the game is considered irregular and the winnings are zero (example: if the bonus is  0,0001 BTC, and the bet can not exceed 20% of this amount, you can never bet more than 0,0001 BTC x 30%, that is, 0,003 BTC per bet).

These are the most usual clauses. Of course, they vary from one online casino to another. Some offer bonus conditions that are not very restrictive (if you win while playthrough is not met, the bonus is simply deducted from the winnings), while others accumulate restrictions (playthrough on the bonus + deposit to be able to raise the winnings , sometimes adding a lifting limit). It is therefore essential to read all betting and withdrawal conditions before accepting a bonus or promotion.




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